2011 Joint Workshop and Summer School: Astrostatistics and Data Mining in Large Astronomical Databases

The Joint Workshop and Summer School on Astrostatistics and Data Mining in large astronomical databases will take place in the island of La Palma between May 30th and June 3rd, in 2011. It is funded by the European Sience Foundation (ESF) through the GREAT (Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training) research infrastructure.

You can find further information in the school web page and in the workshop web page.


The morning sessions of the Summer School and Workshop are separate, with the details of the school program on the school web page. The workshop and school come together for the afternoon session (keynote address).

The school is more restricted in numbers and aimed mainly at postgraduate students. The workshop on the other hand is organised as the classical exchange of contributions by scientists with research experience in the field.

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