IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2013: Pre-Organized Session:

S05. Computer Vision in Smart Cities

Chairperson: Antonio Sanz
Co-chairperson:  Juan Josť Pantrigo

A smart city can be defined as an urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas: economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government. These key areas are based on theories of regional competitiveness, transport and ICT economics, natural resources, human and social capital, quality of life, and participation of citizens in the governance of cities, respectively.
Reaching excellence in these key areas can be done so through strong human capital, social capital, and/or ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure. Specifically, computer vision is a research area which can contribute to the development of smart cities. This special session aims to provide a meeting and discussion point for researchers interested in the application of computer vision in smart cities, including (but not limited):
∑ Modeling the environment for visual tasks.
∑ Indoor and outdoor video surveillance.
∑ Visual tracking, including multi-target tracking and tracking in crowded scenes.
∑ Scene understanding: behavior analysis, abnormality detection, context-based target description.
∑ Statistics for efficient archiving and retrieval of surveillance recordings.
∑ Activities involving people: counting people, abandon object detection, biometric recognition, etc.
∑ Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems and applications: free-flow, red-light photo enforcement, car parks, etc.
∑ Multimodal approaches including audio, geolocation, radar, etc.
∑ Hybrid approaches: neural networks, fuzzy systems, optimization approaches, knowledge-based systems.

Extended versions of the selected papers from the conference shall be considered for publication in the "Special Issue on Real-Time Computer Vision in Smart Cities" (Journal of Real-Time Image Processing). Call for papers available at: http://www.springer.com/cda/content/document/cda_downloaddocument/SI_JRTIP_CVSmartCities-v2.pdf?SGWID=0-0-45-1368436-0