IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2013: Pre-Organized Session:

S10. Biomedical and industrial image understanding applications

Chairperson:  Mª Consuelo Bastida Jumilla
Co-chairperson: Rosa Mª Menchón Lara

Image understanding is a research area involving both feature extraction and object identification within images from a scene, and a posterior treatment of this information in order to establish relationships between these objects with a specific goal. In biomedical and industrial scenarios, the main purpose of this discipline is, given a visual problem, to manage all aspects of prior knowledge, from study start-up and initiation through data collection, quality control, expert independent interpretation, to design and development of systems involving image processing capable of tackle with these tasks. The aim of this session is to provide a forum to discuss about theoretical or application works based on bio-inspired imaging systems and techniques, according to the following topics: