IWINACInternational Work-conference on the Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation

IWINAC2013: Pre-Organized Session:

S11. Web Intelligence meets Neuroscience

Chairperson: Eduardo M. Sánchez Vila
Co-chairperson: Luis Martínez Otero

The study of user’s brainwaves applied to reveal the impact of personalized web content opens the door of powerful collaborations between Web Intelligence and Neuroscience.
The purpose of this session is to discuss the potential applications of neuroscience methods and concepts in order to evaluate, design and develop user satisfaction models for intelligent websites.

During the session some of the potential research areas will be analyzed:

1. Personalization of Web content and Web application design. On the basis of empirical recordings, it is possible to reveal which features are relevant for each user,
therefore learning how to personalize both content and business logic in order to improve the overall user satisfaction.
2. New evaluation techniques for intelligent web applications. Brainwave analysis can provide the mechanisms to record and measure relevant user behavior patterns
regarding with memory, attention and other cognitive aspects.
3. New methods for user modeling. The data obtained by brainwave analysis could guide the development of user satisfaction models, i.e conceptual and mathematicalmodels that could explain not only why users are satisfied with the provided content, but also predict future satisfaction.