Important Deadlines

Registration fees

The standard registration fee includes attending the sessions, coffee breaks, lunches, social events, official dinner and the conference proceedings.

  1. Attendant A registration fee includes the same as standard, except the conference proceedings.
  2. Attendant B registration fee only includes social events and official dinner.
  3. 2nd paper and more registration includes only conference proceedings.

Registration fees of at least one author for each accepted paper should be paid in full (standard). Author who presents more than one article by himself can benefit from the "2nd paper and more" fee, but will only obtain one copy of the conference proceedings.

Registration fees (“early bird”/normal”)


Session Organizer

Attendant A

Attendant B

2nd paper and more

€ 525 / € 625

€ 425 / € 525

€ 200 / € 225

€ 125 / € 150

€ 325 / € 375